Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Present To You...Delicious White Fish!

So while I was at home one weekend, my older sister and my older cousins asked me to cook a meal for them since I'd started this blog and they'd never actually tasted my cooking. One of my cousins doesn't eat red meat so I decided that fish would be the perfect dish. And better than just any normal fish, I decided to use tilapia. Tilapia is a light, white fish; very delicate and very delicious!

Bow-tie pasta is the cutest!

The completed dish! Mmmmmm!

I followed this recipe and served the fish with a side of pesto bow-tie pasta! The pesto was freshly made too! Everything about this meal was light and delicious. This is good if you don't want a really heavy meal, but a definitely filling meal. Opening up the little package was the best part! It was like Christmas all over again! Careful when you open them up though, it's super hot! 

Hope you try this out! It's really simple and it'll turn out great!

Hugs! - Lardy

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